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I wanted the site to be minimalist, so no visible footer or anything. But if you want to contact me: despairsack@horsefucker.org!

SUBMISSIONS: More wet mares are always welcome! Contact me above with your suggested image(s) (a list of booru IDs/links will work great), and I'll vet them and add them asap. I like to apply a minimal standard of quality - the mares must be visibly wet (in particular, just a wet-looking mane with no visible water or dampness anywhere may not qualify), and the art must be at least decent (I'm lenient on this but I generally skip over things I deem either outright ugly, or extremely low-effort ultra quick sketches/scribbles).

The images on the site were found using this query, the results of which were vetted as above, ran on 2020-09-27.